Thursday, April 10, 2008

Using older Airport base stations with Leopard

I wrote a while back that I can't get excited about Leopard on the Mac...and that's still true, I'm still holding out and using Tiger. But I did come across this tidbit for Leopard users with older Apple Airport basestation hardware. It turns out for a while there, there was no way to configure your older Airport (graphite and snow) on Leopard; the new Airport Utility was only compatible with the newer Airport Extreme and Express lines, and with Time Capsule.

Needless to say, people were pissed that their hardware stopped working with the update. The situation was bad enough that some poeople started selling old Airports: I even picked up two older basestations for a good price from a friend of a friend who had given up and bought the newer products (exactly what Apple wanted).

Well, it seems Apple has finally rectified this situation. Last week, they released a tool called the Airport Admin Utility for Graphite and Snow. This is a legacy compatible utility that lets you configure your older basestaions. Prior to this, a workaround was discovered whereby a version of the admin utility for OS 10.3.3 could be extracted from an old installer package, and copied onto a Leopard machine. It looks like Apple probably just repackaged and renamed this older tool to be officially Leopard compatible.

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