Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pandora update

There are several other pieces I saw in the blagosphere today that were relevant to what I was getting at yesterday about Pandora on iPhone. I just wanted to link back to them for reference.

I know yesterday I was going on and on about the seamlessness of the audio experience...well, on the drive home yesterday I finally got a skip in a song due to an AT&T deadzone. And it turned out that when I got service again about 10 seconds later, Pandora just skipped the remainder of the song and went on to the next track. So I guess it isn't perfect as I thought. While I'm on negatives, I guess I have a small feature request list too. It would be great if the app could continue to play in the background while I did other things (like the iPod app does). Presently, hitting the home button just quits Pandora and kills your music. And I think lyrics would be nice, but personally it would only add to the "wow they thought of everything" factor.

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