Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Apple is singlehandedly changing Web video

Apple has said "no Adobe Flash" on their mobile platforms. Its been like this since iPhone 1.0, and although there is a huge install base of iPhones, many websites have remained Flash only. Then the iPad was announced. Between January 27th and now, sites with huge user communities like NYTimes, Time, and CBS have been considering using the open web video standard (HTML5) instead of Adobe Flash. All of these groups have more or less acknowledged that the iPad is a major factor in their choice to offer video using HTML5. All of this influence from Apple is on account of what people expect from the unreleased iPad.

Before the iPad, we didn't hear about many big sites who were willing to deploy HTML5 for video. Apple takes one stubborn position and announces one new device, and suddenly HTML5 video is poised to replace the de facto Flash standard.

Things in technology don't move this fast. I'm awestruck.

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