Monday, March 29, 2010

Open Letter to Sony Computer Entertainment

This is an open letter, which as also been sent to the Playstation Consumer Services via this page:

Begin letter:
PS3 OtherOS support is being dropped in a firmware update according to the Playstation Blog. The post advises users that they can choose to not upgrade at the cost of losing access to PSN and newer games. The blog cites "security concerns".

This is unacceptable. The OtherOS feature was advertised at launch, and was one of my main factors in deciding to purchase a PS3 system. I have been using Linux on my PS3 for academic projects in learning CellBE programming. I also enjoy playing games and accessing PSN. I should not be made to choose between the two, since the device was advertised as a gaming machine with the option to install any other OS I choose to install.

Once this update goes out, I will not update my PS3 system. I would like to know how I may access my games and PSN after this update ships. In the event that I am unable to retain my OtherOS functionality and play my games and access PSN, I will pursue other actions within my rights to rectify this situation.

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dalesd said...

Thanks, I sent Sony a similar question/complaint over this issue.

I hadn't yet installed Linux on my PS3, but I liked knowing that I could, and that Sony was okay with that. It's sad to see them take this feature away, because someday, someone might find a way to use it in a way they don't like.